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Getting started with FileHound (2)

Embark on your FileHound journey and gain valuable insights with these introductory articles. Start your exploration and discover the key features, functionalities, and benefits that FileHound has to offer.

FileHound Document Management (4)

Discover the simplified document management experience in FileHound. Gain comprehensive knowledge on effectively working with documents through our informative resources.

FileHound Add-Ins & Extensions (1)

3rd party add-ins, extensions and plug-ins

End User & Service Level Agreements (1)

Explore the FileHound Knowledge Base section for End User & Service Level Agreements. Get valuable insights into our service commitments and user guidelines. Discover the rights, responsibilities, and benefits associated with using FileHound.

Security & Compliance (2)

Welcome to FileHound's Security & Compliance section. Discover how we prioritise the security of your documents and ensure compliance with industry regulations.

Content Discovery Tool Kit (2)

Guides for using the FileHound Content Discovery Tool Kit. Simplifying content search and GDPR compliance