FileHound allows you to configure multiple indexing fields per document type which are configured in the Administration Center. Search for Creating a new Document Type in this knowledge base to learn more, or contact your designated FileHound administrator for help.

To index a pre-configured document type, follow the steps below:

STEP ONE: Select the document(s) for indexing by clicking the checkbox at the left of the row. 

Select the document(s) you wish to Index

STEP TWO: Click on the INDEX icon from the toolbar

Click the Index icon to begin Indexing

STEP THREE: From the Document Type drop down list, choose the option for this document. This will load a list of Fields associated with that document type

Select which document type you are indexing

STEP FOUR: As you fill in each field it will validate the values based on how the field is setup. Once you have filled in all of the fields required, click SAVE and the indexed metadata will be connected to the document

Click save once you have indexed your document