How To Sort Your Documents By Date

Have you ever wanted to see your oldest documents at the top within your folder? FileHound has got you covered! Just follow the easy step by step guide below.


Step One: Navigate to the folder that you wish to order your documents by date

Navigate to the folder of your choice

Step Two: Click on the Settings button which found on the right side of your toolbar

Click on the Settings button

Step Three: Then, click on Sort to open up the Sorting panel

Click on the Sort option

Step Four: From here, delete all the column options EXCEPT CreatedOn. 

Select and delete all columns except CreatedOn

Step Five: Change the direction to Ascending and click save. Your documents will now display from oldest to newest within this folder.

Change the directing to Ascending and click Save

Done! You will see a confirmation modal of your saved changes as well as your oldest documents at the top of your folder.

You will see a confirmation message