There are a number of different ways to upload documents to FileHound. Follow the steps below to upload.

Traditional Upload

STEP ONE: Click on the 'Upload' button found on the main toolbar, or the 'cloud-shaped' 'Upload' icon in the header bar at the top of the screen.

Upload document button options
Upload document button options

STEP TWO: Click the Upload A File 'Choose' button when the window pops up.

Upload a file modal
Upload a file modal

STEP THREE: Browse to the document(s) you are looking for and click Open. You can select multiple documents to upload them at the same time.

Drag & Drop

FileHound allows single or multiple documents to be uploaded by dragging and dropping them into the browser window.

To upload documents via drag and drop follow these steps:

STEP ONE: Navigate to the location within FileHound which you'd like to upload files to - for example an inbox, cabinet or specific folder

STEP TWO: Select the files from any location on your computer

STEP THREE: Drag the documents over the browser window

STEP FOUR: Hold until you seen a blue screen with a message that reads Drop Files Here

STEP FIVE: Drop the documents by releasing your mouse button

The image below shows what will happen when you drag a document into the FileHound interface section.

Drag document notification
Drag document notification

While the documents are uploading, you will see a document uploading progress panel for each document under the upload button in the header bar.

Document uploading progress panel
Document uploading progress panel

Drop Folder Service

Alternatively, if you are using an on-premise edition, you can upload documents directly from a scanner or multi-function printer using our drop folder service.

A specific folder can be configured on your corporate network or local computer that will automatically upload any documents that are saved there. For example a shared Finance Folder for invoices that need to be uploaded automatically into specific FileHound Team inboxes for workflow.


Please enquire with your FileHound Administrator or contact your FileHound Support for more information on our Drop Folder Service for on-premise editions