To build Keyword Groups, log in to FileHound and navigate to the Keywords item in the menu.

Keywords will be listed either within a specified Keyword Group (for example, Health) or within the top area labelled 'Not Grouped'. Keywords that are not contained within a Group can be called upon individually, such as the name of an individual.

To create a new Keyword Group, click the Add Keyword Group button in the toolbar:

Then, in the next popup window, add your Keyword Group Name and add a description (if applicable):

To create a new Keyword Group from an existing CSV file, click the Choose File button.

CSV files must be formatted as follows, to be imported by FileHound:

  • Keyword must be listed in Column A of your spreadsheet, starting from Row 1.
  • Spreadsheet must be exported as a standard CSV (Comma Separated Value) format.

Once imported, your Keyword Group will be imported as follows: