Search results are determined by first setting the parameters of your data scan. Keywords, Expressions and Search Criteria must be set before you can begin a scan.

Searches can be specified in three key areas, found within the Content Discovery Toolkit main menu, on the far left.  

A description of each area can be found below:

Search Criteria

The Rules page is where you build your scan, by associating keywords, 


Keywords can be individual words, for example 'cat' or entire phrases or terms, such as 'the cat sat on the mat'. FileHound will return any instances of keywords or phrases which can be found in the content of the files which are scanned.

Keyword Groups can also be created, to allow you quickly search for a group of words or terms which are commonly associated with a particular topic or area of your business. For example, all Keywords associated with Health.

FileHound makes creating Keyword Groups simple and flexible, allowing lists of keywords to be uploaded in CSV format. Keywords can also be moved between Groups on the fly, making it easy for you to design specific and complex search criteria before starting a scan.


Regular expressions can be used to locate any items which match a pre-determined format, such as an 16-digit reference number, an email address, or a telephone number. FileHound will return any string of data which appears to match the format of a regular expression. This tool is useful for locating all documents within a given directory which could potentially contain personally identifiable information.