The Document Viewer at a glance

FileHound has been designed to ensure your important documents are front and centre and easily viewable. By default every document you open is presented in our standard document view with all the relevant tools and services intuitively laid out around your document.

Standard document view
Standard document view

You are able to drill down into this view to access features and tools such as:

  • Thumbnail page views if it is a multi page document
  • Rotate the view clockwise and anticlockwise - great for when that document scan has be performed upside down.
  • Search content within the document and highlight keywords
  • Zoom in and out of the document and easily scroll around the view - handy for CAD drawings
  • Open the document view in 'full screen' mode.
Drill down view to access additional features and tools
Drill down view to access additional features and tools

Managing Documents in Tab View

Sometime you want to have multiple document open at one time. With Document Tab View you can have multiple document open and easily switch between them and move the oder of them by dragging and dropping them above the toolbar.

Just like you would organise paper documents on your work desk and great for organising the documents you are currently working on!

Document Tab View
Document Tab View

Viewing a Document Thumbnail

Sometimes you just want to quickly check the contents of a document but you don't want to open the document fully. This is where FileHound allows you to quickly enlarge thumbnail views of documents so you can inspect them without opening the document fully.

To enlarge a documents thumbnail for quick viewing, follow the steps below:

STEP ONE: Find the document you wish to enlarge for quick viewing

STEP TWO: Click on the preview thumbnail on the left hand side

Your thumbnail image should now be enlarged for quick viewing

Click a document thumbnail for a larger preview

If you wish to scroll quickly through a list different thumbnails without having to click each thumbnail:

STEP ONE: Hold down the left mouse button on any thumbnail, then move your mouse to hover over the next thumbnail, while still holding down the mouse button. FileHound will quickly jump through the previews as you move your mouse.

Once you're finished, simply let go of the mouse.


STEP ONE: Move the mouse off of the thumbnail

STEP TWO: Release the left mouse button

STEP THREE: Hover over the next thumbnail


Anywhere you see a thumbnail view of a document you will be able hover the image to enlarge for quick viewing - handy when you want to quickly view a documents content in a workflow or linked document for example.