To edit a User:

  1. Hover over theSecurity tab on the left charms bar.
  2. Click User Accounts, this will bring you to the User Accounts page.
  3. Click on a User.
  4. Go to the Edit User panel on the right, here you can:
    • Using the Manage tab:

      • To log out and disable an account:
        • Click on the Disable button next to Active.
      • To enable an account:
        • Click on the Activate button next to Active.
      • To Lock an account:
        • Click on the Lock button next to Unlocked.
      • To Unlock an account:
        • Click on the Unlock button next to Locked.
      • To make an account an Administrator:
        • Click on the toggle switch next to Administrator.
      • To change a user’s Licence:
        1. Click Change next to the current licence.
        2. Choose which licence you want.
        3. Click Change.
    • Using the Profile tab:

      Here you can change:

      • First Name
      • Last Name
      • Email Address
    • Using the Roles tab:

      Here you can simply assign different roles to this account. To do this:

      1. Find the Role you wish to add to this account.
      2. Click the Add buttonnext to a Role to assign it to the user.