FileHound allows you to relate or link documents to each other so they can been managed in one view. This provides additional context when looking at documents which are related, for example; you could relate a Sales Invoice with its related Purchase Order and Delivery Note.

You can think Linking documents as similar to how you would use a paperclip or staple on physical documents to keep them together.

To link documents to each other, follow the steps below:

STEP ONE: While viewing document in Document View click on 'Linked Documents' accordion option found in the Document Info Panel on the right

Link Documents to your Terms of Employment here

STEP TWO: Click on the 'Add Related' button

Click Add Related to add your linked documents

STEP THREE: In the popup, find your relkat document(s) by either using the search option or navigating cabinets and folders

Use our Search Bar to search for your Related Documents

STEP FOUR: Check them using the check box available next to each of the document

Check your related documents

STEP FIVE: When you have selected the document(s) you want to relate, click the green tick box, top right hand corner

Once selected, click on the Green Tick to finish

Your chosen documents will be related and you will be able to view all the related documents listed with a thumbnail image in the right hand side main document menu. The number of linked or related documents will also be indicated next to the Linked Documents accordion title.

Your Linked Documents will display here


Anywhere you see a thumbnail view of a document you will be able hover the image to enlarge for quick viewing!