To Edit a Document Type Index Field:

  1. Hover over theDocuments tab on the left charms bar.
  2. Click Document Types, this will bring you to the Document Types page.
  3. Select a Document Type, and then choose a field within that Document Type.
  4. On the right of your FileHound, you can now change different details of the field, such as; 
    • The name of the field
    • The data type of the field
    • Indexing Options
    • Display Options.
  5. Under Indexing Options, you will find an option called Custom Validation this allows you to apply a Regular Expression to this indexing field.
    • When indexing a document, the regular expression will be applied to the information entered into this field to ensure it meets the correct requirements.                                                                                                                         i.e. if a value must conform to a format of 2 letters followed by 4 numbers.