Document metadata is information attached to a text-based file that may not be visible on the face of the document. Basically it is data about data.

Documents accessible in FileHound may include metadata about the:

  • file size
  • date of document creation
  • the names of the author and most recent modifier
  • the dates of any changes and the total edit time

All this meta data is accessed when making a search request in FileHound so the more quality metadata attached to a document the more accurate the search result will be.


Our FileHound Import Utility used to import large batched of documents into FileHound can also import and organise any metadata available. Great for when you wish to migrate documents from a legacy document management product or local network file store to FileHound. Get in touch with your FileHound Account Manager for more information on the FileHound Import Utility or search for it within this knowledge-base.