Document management and workflow automation made simple......

Our lightweight browser client makes FileHound completely platform independent, allowing you to choose from a fully managed software solution in the cloud or an on-premise solution supported by your own hardware.

The FileHound eco system has the ability to support organisations of all sizes on their digital transformation journey. Our in-house team of business technology consultants, solutions architects and software developers are passionate about making a difference with technology.

Why FileHound


Being platform-independent, FileHound is not tied to any device or any location. Total access to the system is available from a modern browser anywhere and at any time. We fully manage and support on the back-end so you can focus on using FileHound to enhance your business.

Cost Effective

Utilising the browser as the client FileHound in the cloud offers a zero touch deployment approach. This reduction in deployment costs can then be focussed on building a configuration, training and on-boarding package tailored just for your business.


Businesses of all sizes and industries have to comply with regulations regarding data storage and management, particularly since the GDPR coming into force. FileHound can be implemented to assist as part of a multi-step approach to legislation compliance.

Our uncomplicated user interface is easy to adopt, manage and embed within your existing and new business processes – conforming to the standards our users are already familiar with when accessing applications on the web.


Visit our website at to learn more about FileHound's features and benefits for different business types and processes.