How To Add New Sorting Criteria

To add new Sorting Criteria to a specific folder. Just follow the easy step by step guide below.


Step One: Navigate to the folder that you wish to order your documents by date

Navigate to the folder of your choice

Step Two: Click on the Settings button which found on the right side of your toolbar

Click on the Settings button

Step Three: Then, click on Sort to open up the Sorting panel

Click on the Sort option

Step Four: From here, click on the add button which will open up the Add Sorting Criteria pane

Click on the Add button

Step Five: From here, you can select the sorting criteria you wish to sort your documents from the dropdown list

Choose which Sort Criteria you wish from the dropdown

Step Six: Click ADD to add your new Sort Criteria

Click ADD to add your new Sort Criteria

Step Seven: Click Save to save your newly added Sort Criteria

Click Save when you have chosen your Sort Criteria