Do you want to add a brand new cabinet and are unsure as to how? You've come to the right place. Cabinets are a great way to organise your documents. Think of them as the parent to your folders. We've created this article to help you get started with your folder structure in FileHound. So, lets get started!


You will need to have administrative access in order to carry out these steps

STEP ONE: Navigate to the Admin Panel.

Navigate to the Admin Panel

STEP TWO: Hover over the Folders tab on the left charm bar and click on Library

Click on Library

STEP THREE: To add a new cabinet, hover over the add button and click Cabinet

Click on Cabinet

STEP FOUR: You will presented with the Create New Cabinet modal. Input your desired Cabinet name and click Add

Add your Cabinet name

STEP FIVE: Next, you want to set the permissions for who should see this new Cabinet. Select the Permissions tab on the new Cabinet. 

Define Cabinet Permissions

STEP SIX: Select the permission roles that you want to have access to this Cabinet by clicking on the Add button beside the role name


New Roles can be created to specify new groups of users to assign to inboxes. For more information on this please see our article on Creating a new Role