FileHound SmartCapture OCR
FileHound SmartCapture OCR

Our integrated SmartCapture parsing engine extracts relevant data fields from your documents based on parsing rules which are 100% tailored to your needs. FileHound can identify and extract data using Zonal OCR technology, advanced pattern recognition or with the help of anchor keywords. Once set up, new documents are automatically processed within FileHound and you’ll get structured and easy-to-handle data in return.


FileHound SmartCapture is now available. And the best part, this feature is built right in! There’s absolutely no need for third party capture solutions, nothing to install on premises and nothing to install on your scanning devices or workstation.

All you need is the internet and a FileHound subscription.


To provide an example, let’s take a standard business invoice;

The text ‘INV-71983’ on this invoice would be ‘value paired’ with the label ‘Invoice Reference’ and hence can be made useful to a system which understands what to do with invoices.

When we combine this with more labels, such as ‘Date’, ‘P.O. Reference’ and ‘Total’ , we can utilise this information in more interesting and powerful ways using digital workflows.

Invoice Document Data Extraction

FileHound SmartCapture extracts key value pair data and indexes your documents automatically!

If you’re a business and are looking to automate the manual input and processing steps for repetitive, static documents such as invoices, order forms or other common or templated forms – FileHound can help. Our intelligent capture functionality can locate and extract key information from common documents and ‘auto-magically’ index them.


Authorised FileHound Partners please get in contact with your designated FileHound Partner Account Manager for more information. Provide us with some sample documents and we’ll show you what’s possible with FileHound SmartCapture.

Existing Customers simply get in touch with your FileHound Account Manager for a discussion on pricing and where FileHound SmartCapture can add value to your organisation.