Using Smart Search to find a document

To perform a smart search for a document, follow the steps below:

STEP ONE: Click inside of the Main Search box found at the top of the FileHound interface.

STEP TWO: Type in your search criteria and press ENTER

STEP THREE: Find your document in the list and click on it, this will then open your document.

Main search box
Main search box

TIP: To narrow down your search and pinpoint a specific document enter additional search criteria words to build up a Smart Search

Building a Smart Search
Building a Smart Search

When the drop down appears of your document, you have some additional quick action options along the top you can chose i.e. pin. open, index, download, share and delete document

Document quick action options
Document quick action options


Think of Smart Search to find documents in FileHound is similar to using an internet search engine to find information. The more detail you add in the search to better the search hit!

Finding Recently Opened Documents

To find your most recently opened documents, follow the steps below:

STEP ONE: Click or hover on the Clock Icon located at the top left hand corner of the main FileHound interface

STEP TWO: Click on the document if you want to open it in the document viewer

Recently opened documents list


Anywhere you see a thumbnail view of a document you will be able hover the image to enlarge the thumbnail or quick viewing