FileHound uses dedicated rack space in a fully managed T3 secure data centres for the provision of the FileHound Virtual Servers and associated services:

  • Datacentre 1 – Infinity SDC, Romford, United Kingdom

  • Datacentre 2 – Virtus LON4, Slough United Kingdom  


The data centres are equipped with:  

  • Secured 24x7x365 by security staff pre-vetted to BS 7858
  • CCTV surveillance, site patrols, rigorous security checks and access management are all controlled and maintained to meet ISO IEC 27001:2013 accreditation.
  • UPS (universal power supply)  
  • Power generator (Diesel)  
  • Air conditioning  
  • Temperature control  
  • Intrusion alarm system  
  • Controlled entrance  
  • Fire detection  
  • Fire suppression (gas)  

Network Services  

Internet Access Services  

FileHound has implemented a fully resilient, dual diversely routed, fibre-based network for the provision of external Internet access at each of its data centre locations. The total bandwidth available at each data centre is 2Gbp/s. 


Each FileHound instance is allocated with a default of 10Mbit/s guaranteed bandwidth with a bursting capacity up to 100 Mbit/s.  This means that the speed (Mbit/s) is optimal, even when a high number of competing users are visiting the FileHound web application on the server.  

The Customer will not be charged in function of data volume. The bandwidth is calculated with the 95 percentile method (discarding the top 5% of the samples) and per calendar month.  

If the FileHound instance uses more than the included guaranteed bandwidth in the Customer‟ subscription, the Customer can:  

  • Extend its subscription with additional guaranteed bandwidth per extra 1 Mbit/s.  
  • Choose to be billed per month for the excessive bandwidth. The price that will be used is the standard pricing + 20%.   


Contact your FileHound sales representative or account manager if you have additional bandwidth requirements.   


The bandwidth is available for each server on a dedicated, switched, full-duplex Ethernet network. This avoids any form of interference with other customers, making the bandwidth available at any time.  

Network SLA  

FileHound has agreements with Internet Service providers that guarantee an availability on their lines of 99,99%. FileHound guarantees an availability of its internal network of at least 99,9%.  

Private Hosted FileHound Option

IP Addresses  

In the case of privately hosted instances the FileHound Virtual Server will be assigned a shared public IP address The IP addresses are property of FileHound and may be changed for operational reasons. In case the IP address that is allocated to the FileHound Virtual Server changes, the Customer must make or arrange the necessary changes to any customer controlled domain names to accommodate such at its cost.  

Private subnet  

Each FileHound Virtual Server isolated in a private subnet.  

Domain names and name servers (DNS)  

Each FileHound Virtual Server can be delivered with either a FileHound Operated Domain Name, or a Customer Operated Domain Name. 


Contact your FileHound sales representative or account manager if you have requirements to host FileHound in a private hosted environment.

FileHound Operated Domain Name 

The shared domain name will be used with a customer requested subdomain, for example, subject to availability. The use of our primary and secondary name servers is included for all FileHound Operated Domain Names 

Customer Operated Domain Name  

If a Customer wishes to use their own domain name, the assigned shared IP address will be supplied during the provisioning process allowing the Customer to create their own domain alias, for example 

If the Customer changes the assigned domain alias FileHound will require a minimum of 5 working days notice to ensure the changes can be implemented within its core network. 

Security and Virus Protection

Security & privacy policy  

FileHound reserves the right to access the FileHound Virtual Server at any time for maintenance or security purposes.    

FileHound will treat all data as strictly confidential. Data will never be copied from the Customer’s FileHound Virtual Server, except for a backup. FileHound will take all possible measures to protect the data on the FileHound Virtual Server.  


FileHound reserves the right to take all actions necessary if a virus or worm is detected on a FileHound Virtual Server, to prevent any harm from being done to the data centre infrastructure, its components, other servers or the FileHound network.  

Backup Service 

The Backup Service will take a full backup of the SQL databases daily between the hours of 8pm to 6am. 

The Backup Service will store a maximum of 90 days retention for each database backed up. 

In the event that a restore is required the Customer will raise a support ticket with FileHound confirming the data that needs to be restored and the specific date of the backup to be used for the restore. 

FileHound will then issue an Emergency Maintenance window and perform the restore as requested. This will cause an interruption to the FileHound application for an unspecified duration.

Monitoring Services  

Standard Monitoring  

Each FileHound Virtual Server a is monitored 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and 365 days a year using monitoring software. Following services will be monitored:  

  • PING (server alive?);  
  • Static HTTP (answer on port 80?);  

The tests are performed from 5 global locations to validate the accessibility of the FileHound Virtual Server. If a test fails, a monitoring notification is generated within 15 (fifteen) minutes. All notifications are sent directly to the FileHound support team by email.  

Advanced monitoring  

Advanced monitoring is available for the FileHound Virtual Server as an optional service. Advanced monitoring provides detailed metrics on the FileHound Virtual Servers performance and availability. The Customer will be provided with a secure login allowing them to access and view the status and history of the server via a secure web portal. 

In addition to the Standard Monitoring checks, Advanced Monitoring will also provide: 

  • CPU, Memory and Disk usage
  • IIS Statistics, including latency and times to respond to queries
  • SQL Statistics, including memory usage, query times and paging details