About Data Storage & Retrieval in FileHound 


About Data Security in FileHound 


At FileHound we aim to provide our customers with a secure and easy to user repository for the storage and retrieval of their important business documents. 


We consider data security to be paramount in this and have developed the FileHound platform to ensure that the integrity and protection of your data is at the heart of every aspect of our products and services. We take security seriously, that’s why we’re ISO 27001 accredited. 


We understand that, while keeping your data securely stored within a document management system is important, it’s also important to be able to retrieve this data in a fast and efficient way, when necessary. 


Where is my data stored when using FileHound? 


The location of your data depends on the deployment method chosen. FileHound Document Management can be deployed via two methods. Here’s a summary of each; 


FileHound Cloud 


Our cloud-hosted, fully managed service, hosted within our very own Tier 3 Data Centre in the United Kingdom and manned by security staff 24hrs a day. Our hosted servers benefit from fully automated backup and disaster recovery, all included with your FileHound Cloud subscription. With this solution, your data is located securely within our UK Data Centre at all times. 


FileHound On Premises 


FileHound can also be deployed on servers within your organisation’s own infrastructure, or on servers provisioned within your cloud provider of choice, such as Azure or AWS. This deployment method puts the data directly under your control, but also makes maintenance, backup and disaster recovery your own responsibility. With this solution, your data is located where-ever you choose to deploy FileHound. 


How is my data kept secure within FileHound? 


FileHound stores all files and related metadata (as well as configuration information such as user names and email addresses) within a Filestore in a SQL database. 


All FileHound instances make use of industry standard AES 256 encryption. Organisations are required to set an encryption key when initially setting up FileHound. No documents can be uploaded until this is set. The encryption key itself is also encrypted for added protection. 


Once an organisation’s encryption key is set, all documents and files uploaded are encrypted against this key, before being stored within the database filestore. 


Along with document encryption, your connection to FileHound and the data you send back and forth is encrypted as it travels using secure web protocols. 


How can my data be retrieved from FileHound? 


To make data retrieval as pain-free as possible for customers using the FileHound platform, we’ve created the FileHound Export Utility, a light-weight Windows application which allows FileHound Administrators to de-crypt and extract all documents and related metadata from their FileHound instance. 


This tool utilises FileHound’s built in authentication for security. For added security, a specific service account must be enabled, in order to allow the FileHound Export Utility to access files. This protects against any unwarranted or un-audited activity. 


I need my data exported - where do I start?

If you have a requirement to export data from your existing FileHound instance, there are a number of options available to you. To request more information, please contact your FileHound Administrator or your FileHound Reseller / Supplier and enquire about data export options.


Using FileHound Cloud? 


Our Support team can work with you to establish your requirements for data export and provide assistance in running the Export Utility to retrieve your data. 


The data export can be performed either on your behalf by our experienced support staff, or if preferable your own IT Administrators can be provided with supervised access to perform the data export themselves. 


Using FileHound On Premises? 


The FileHound Export Utility can also be provided as an executable program to run within On- Premises environments. 


If preferred, our experienced support staff can oversee the process through supervised access to ensure that your data is extracted safely and correctly. 


Please note exporting data for customers using FileHound On Premises can sometimes be more complex to scope and may be chargeable outside of your standard FileHound Support & Maintenance agreement. 


Whatever your requirement, we’re here and ready to help you.