Adding a digital note to a document is similar to adding an annotation or 'post-it' note to a physical document.

Any documents with notes attached will have this indicated in the right hand main Document Menu while viewing a document.

How to add a new note

To add a new note to a document, follow the steps below:

STEP ONE: Open the document in a new tab by clicking on the document

STEP TWO: Click on Notes option on the right hand side document menu

Add Digital Notes to your Terms of Employment here

STEP THREE: Click on the 'Add Note' option

Click Add Note to write a digital note

STEP FOUR: Type your Note and format it as you wish

Add your digital note in the Note modal

STEP FIVE: Select if you want the note to be private and then select 'ADD"

Your digital note will now display here

Deleting a digital note

To delete a note, simply click the Delete Note icon or red minus icon found next to each note 

Click on the Delete Note icon to delete your digital note

Public or Private Notes


Document Notes can be either public so that everyone who has access to the document can read the note - for example a note posted about a supplier on an invoice that the whole finance team can view or a note can be private so that only the person adding the note can view it.