To add criteria to the Advanced Search, follow the steps below:

STEP ONE: At the top of the page click on the Advanced Search icon next to the search bar:

Click on the Advanced Search icon at the top of FileHound

STEP THREE: Simply click the Addto create a new search criteria.

Click on the Add icon to Add Criteria

STEP FOUR: Select the criteria you wish to search on, e.g. File Name, Document Type, Uploaded On etc.

Select the criteria you wish to search on from the dropdown list

STEP FIVE: Next chose the relation for example, if it is the same (Equals), if it contains the search criteria (Contains).

Choose the relation, for example: Equals or Contains

NOTE: Depending on your relation, you may get a third box to complete.

STEP SIX: Click Add to add your criteria

Click Add to add your criteria

STEP SEVEN: Once added, you will get a confirmation message like this

A Confirmation modal shall appear

STEP EIGHT: You will now see your new Advanced Search criteria on right

You will see your new criteria on the right


If you have chosen an option with a true or false criteria you can click the cross to toggle between a true or false value. 

For example if you're searching for documents have not been indexed, specify index status equals false as shown below.

For example if you're searching for documents that have been indexed, specify index status equals true by clicking the cross icon to turn it into a tick.